Jump-start change and better health! After 3 days of nourishing meals (plus snacks and dessert!), you'll feel revitalized.

You'll also be enrolled in our short and sweet Habits Boot Camp. You'll learn about habits, how to change them and how to make better ones for life. A 2006 study by Duke University found that “more than 40 percent of the actions people performed each day weren’t actual decisions, but habits." Let's build good habits!

Further, the 3-Day Reboot also comes with peer support. You can chat with other Rebooters 24/7. You're just 3 days away from getting your glow — start now!

This 10-Day cleanse comes complete with an amazing 10-day menu — but it also feeds your mind.

While eating your way to health, you'll also be enrolled in a 10-day immersion program that will teach you everything you need to know about getting healthy, eating right, finding success, and taking the journey to your best self.

Topics Covered: Dairy, Animal Protein, Oils, Food Addictions, Protein, Caloric Density, Reading Nutrition Labels, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Setting Up for Success and more! Plus, videos and lectures by your favorite plant-based docs and heroes! Further, the 10-Day Cleanse & Immersion also comes with peer support. You can chat with others on their journey 24/7!

What KIND OF MEALS WOULD i be eating?

Bought (and read) your new reboot and cleanse ebooks today. Congratulations!!! They are a fantastic collection of sound advice and healthy recommendations.

The recipes sound delightful ... we are looking forward to trying them all :) And huge kudos for all of the super video links ... what a great idea!

Randy Taylor 3-Day Reboot and 10-Day Immersion user!
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I am doing the Reboot and love the recipes! Thanks for having menus that:
  1. Are simple, quick and easy
  2. I can trust to properly balanced and safe (no hidden sugars, fats, etc.)
  3. Take the frustration of planning away.
Overall, I suggest this reboot to anyone who feels like they’ve been stuck in a (food) rut. It has really made me rethink my meal and snack choices and has shown me that it IS possible to cook every meal of the week.
I lost somewhere between 5-7 lbs on the reboot and cleanse! Going straight for the meal plans next, I feel GREAT!!!!
For those of you on the fence, I just downloaded it and the recipes look fantastic! I'm so excited to start!


  • What are the serving sizes?

    Everything on the Cleanse is for an individual. Even if something "serves 2." it's because you eat it twice (i.e., for dinner, then leftovers for lunch). On the Reboot, most everything serves 1. The exception is the mushroom barley, which makes enough or 2-3 servings. You might be able to stretch one or two of the other meals to 2 servings depending on your appetite. We're all different but for the most part, it's all single serving and you should eat everything.

  • Where does coffee fit into the reboot?

    Caffeine (i.e., coffee) should be avoided during the Reboot and Cleanse. If you must drink coffee, drink it black and limit it to 1 cup. If you cannot drink it black, add a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk. No cream, sugar, dairy, artificial sweeteners, etc. You'll also want to consume a detox drink before and after consumption.

  • Can I have alcohol? Wine?

    All alcohol should be avoided during the Reboot and Cleanse. If you absolutely must have a cocktail: Water and vodka over ice with lemon. Or a flavored vodka with fizzy water.

  • Can I have (additional) snacks?

    Don't let yourself go hungry. This is not about deprivation. If you've eaten everything on the menu and you are still hungry, have a snack. Use the 75 Healthiest Foods list as your guide. Eat vegetables, especially greens, as an ideal snack. Grains, legumes and limited fresh fruits are also okay. Do not snack on nuts, seeds, avocado, or other high-fat foods unless you are underweight or have been told to do so by a doctor (i.e., due to breastfeeding).

  • What are the calories?

    The calories vary by recipe and day. We don't recommend counting calories during the Cleanse. The Reboot and Cleanse are about abundance, not deprivation :) You don't want to deny your body the healthiest foods on the planet (more info in subsequent answers)

  • Do I have to drink the detox drink in the morning? Does it matter?

    First thing in the morning on an empty stomach is ideal.

  • I finished the 3-day reboot (FABULOUS!) and am now finishing Day 2 of the Cleanse, which is GREAT so far. Can I switch around the meals and repeat the ones I really like?

    After the cleanse is over, repeat your favorites, but try not to during the cleanse. The point is to get all that abundance and variety into your body. Load it up with the healthiest foods -- all 75, not just 5 ;) For best results, stick to the plan as closely as possible, but do what you need to do. There's no point if you can't make it realistic :)

  • I really love the detox drink can I keep drinking it after the cleanse is over?

    Yep! Ideally!

  • Can I have more than 1 detox drink per day?

    In theory, yes, but I would ease into it. Don't drink, say, 5 tomorrow.

  • The spices are not mixing/dissolving in the water. Any suggestions on getting them blended in?

    The warmer the water, the better it will combine. Whisking vigorously for a minute or so should get it to combine, even if you're using ice cold water. Alternatively, blend it in your blender for 10-30 seconds. It'll combine beautifully.

  • Is this suitable for a family?

    The Reboot and Cleanse are designed for an individual adult. It's not just a meal plan but an educational course. If you'd like to switch your family to a healthy, plant-based diet, I recommend using the family meal plans, which are also mindful of children and their tastes.

  • Can I do this if I'm pregnant or breast-feeding?

    When pregnant or breast-feeding, you shouldn't make changes to your diet or lifestyle without first consulting your physician. (Note: They should approve it, but may tell you to increase calories and add more food).

Remember: The Reboot and Cleanse are about abundance, not deprivation :) You don't want to deny your body the healthiest foods on the planet.



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